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Dragon Pharma deals with a complete line of high-quality sports nutrition supplements to meet the demand of male and female athletes. Their products can serve in sports, from competitive bodybuilders to physique and bikini athletes to fitness lovers looking to get great results and take their athletic performance to the next level.

The motivation behind keeping ‘dragon’ in the brand name is because it denotes good luck, inspiration, power, and strength. Similarly, Dragon Pharma wants its consumers to feel powerful, strong, and full of vitality.

Dragon Pharma is committed to science and research to produce the world’s most advanced, hardcore supplements.

Dragon Pharma head office:

4198 Northwest 132nd Street, Opa Locka, Florida 33054, USA

Contact detail: info@dragonpharmalabs.com

Why choose Dragon Pharma?

Uncompromised Purity and Quality: All the products are developed to create the absolute best products not only to meet but exceed expectations. All ingredients are strictly tested for purity and quality. Independent labs test every batch of products produced by Dragon Pharma for safety and potency to assure consumers are getting the highest grade ingredients.
Certified Manufacturing: All Dragon Pharma supplements are made in a GMP-certified manufacturing facility in compliance with FDA Regulations. Raw ingredients undergo detailed analysis using the latest technology to ensure zero impurities and premium, results-driven ingredients in their efficacious doses to support inspiring physiques.
How to check the authenticity of Dragon Pharma products?

It is advisable to share the relevant product details and images at info@dragonpharmalabs.com to get your product verified by the brand itself.

Which is the best-selling Dragon Pharma product?

Dragon Pharma Black Viper is the most preferred product, a high potency thermogenic fat burner. It has been designed to help increase calorie burn and amplify fat loss when used with a well-planned diet and exercise schedule. Dragon Pharma Black Viper is safe for both men and women and is recommended 30 minutes before a meal for best results.