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Scitron: Brand Details

Scitron is an Indian brand that came into existence in 2018 with a vision to combine the best of science and technology to provide optimal nutrition that will help reach the pinnacle of physical strength and health. The highly experienced team of Scitron understands sports nutrition and the specific nutrition needs of athletes; hence the brand is dedicated to delivering easily accessible and high-quality, distinctive products.

Depending upon the fitness goal, you can choose from the excellent product range that Scitron offers, like proteins, gainers, vitamins, pre-workouts and related workout essentials.

Scitron head office:

Scitron Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Kanakia Zillion, F-339, LBS Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070

Contact number: +91 7400295000

Why choose Scitron?

Imported raw material: Scitron sources its raw materials from Glanbia Nutritionals that is acclaimed globally for their quality. Thus it is clearly evident that providing superior quality products to the consumers is of paramount importance for Scitron.
Certified products: The entire product range of Scitron is certified and approved by FSSAI. They are safe to use and does not contain any harmful or prohibited substances. Scitron is perfect if you are looking for premium quality products in an affordable range.
How to check the authenticity of Scitron products?

Every Scitron product comes with a unique code on the label, which the brand mentions to protect its consumers from fake products. It is advisable to download the “TrueMPN” App and enter the code in the product authentication tab to check the authenticity.

Which is the best selling Scitron product?

Scitron Essential Whey Protein is the most selling and preferred product by fitness lovers and athletes. It contains a super blend of nutrient-rich, micro-filtered whey protein isolate and concentrate, providing 24 grams of protein in each serving. The product is suitable for lean muscle gain and speedy muscle recovery since whey isolate is the primary protein source. Scitron Essential Whey Protein is fortified with digestive enzymes to support effective breakdown and absorption of nutrients.