MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein

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MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein

Product Description

MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein is crafted to boost lean muscle recovery. It is made with premium quality whey protein isolate which is derived from the best quality international sources to assure you of the finest quality protein to assist you in your muscle-building journey. Each scoop of MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein delivers 25g protein and 5.5g naturally-occurring BCAAs to fuel lean muscle recovery. The product contains no added sugar and maltodextrin and is also free from amino spiking. Available in delicious chocolate flavor, it is a delight to consume for all fitness lovers.

  • Introducing a brand new formula for all fitness enthusiasts- MB Pro-One Whey Protein with premium quality whey protein isolate obtained from international sources to offer maximum benefits to the fitness enthusiasts
  • Every scoop of this power-packed whey protein supplement delivers 25g protein to help you build lean muscle mass, along with 5.5g BCAAs to fuel muscle recovery
  • The product is free from amino spiking, which means that the product is free from any fillers and offers quality protein to power your muscle building
  • MB Pro-One Whey Protein has zero added sugar and is free from maltodextrin. It is the purest form of nutrition that contains no doping agents
  • It is available in delectable chocolate flavour to soothe your taste buds and offer you a delightful experience of nutrition

Benefits of MB Pro-One Whey Protein

  • 25g protein per serving: Each scoop of MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein fuels you with 25g protein to boost lean muscle gains and enhance your bodybuilding. The whey protein is derived from the best quality international sources. Whey protein isolate helps in boosting your performance and helps you in putting on lean muscle mass.
  • 5.5g BCAAs per serving to boost lean muscle recovery: Each serving of this product enriches you with 5.5g BCAAs to enhance muscle recovery post-workout. BCAAs not only help to fuel recovery but also reduce fatigue and muscle soreness.
  • Zero added sugar: The product does not contain any added sugar and is thus ideal for calorie-conscious individuals. It is also free from maltodextrin, a component having a high glycemic index commonly used in many protein supplements, to avoid certain health issues. The product also doesn’t contain any doping ingredients.
  • No amino spiking: The product is free from amino spiking to ensure that you get quality protein. Amino spiking is a practice carried out by some brands wherein they add free form amino acids to increase the protein content of the supplement. This deteriorates the quality of the protein.
  • Delectable chocolate flavor: This product comes in scrumptious chocolate flavor to satisfy your taste palette as well. Every scoop of this product makes you a rich chocolatey shake to fuel your bodybuilding and soothe your taste buds.

How to use it?
Add 1 level scoop (36g) of MuscleBlaze Pro One Whey Protein to 200ml of chilled water and shake vigorously for 15-30 seconds until you get a uniform mixture. The recommended dosage is 2 shakes per day or suggested by you dietitian.




SKU: MB-WP-2KG Categories: , , Brand:

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