MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support

  • The Natural Testo support
  • Redefine muscle strength
  • Go the distance in your training
  • Power up your workout
  • Enhance muscle mass
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 cm



MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support

MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support’s all-natural components help you become the toughest ‘natty’ on the block. This power-packed Testo support is a host of ingredients that’ll make you a force of strength, endurance, and performance. Begin now and bring out the Legend in you.

Product benefits


Partner up with MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support and let it take you to a world where you witness the power your body is capable of. You are backed by a supplement that shoots up strength and stamina naturally. Say goodbye to sluggishness, raise the standard of your performance and strive to make iron dominance your identity.


Becoming your supreme self requires your peak effort in training. You give more; you get more. MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support will help slow down fatigue so that you stay the course, firm and fired up. That, with an enhanced mood for a better mind-muscle connection. So you don’t bow out before going all out.


Plateaus are an obstacle in the plan to pack more muscle mass. Low T levels, regardless of your age, can affect your performance and contribute significantly to both muscle quantity and quality. This is why you should maximise your efforts with an all-natural supplement which is up and away from the leagues of any artificial trash.


Don’t let body fat be a bummer while you chase a Herculean physique. A plummet in T level in males can fuel an increase in body fat, which induces the loss of lean muscle mass and fatigue. Bring T Surge Black into the picture, strive for more muscle and strike fat down. You gotta be in it to kill it.


You won’t know the power of Ayurveda till you feel your body’s power output shoot to the top. MuscleBlaze T-Surge Black Testo Support’s Potent Action Formula 2750 comes with 12 Ayurvedic ingredients, which when taken for 90 days, can work wonders in helping you thrash iron and thrive as the iron warrior you always wanted to be.

The list is long, and so are the benefits you reap.


600mg Ashwagandha : Helps Increase Strength, Stamina & Immunity. Improves Longevity & Vitality

450mg Shilajit 2.5% Extract : Helps Improves Strength, Stamina & Testosterone Levels.

450mg Mucuna Pruriens 10% : Helps improve sleep, memory, mood and takes

motivation to the next level

300mg Tribulus Terrestris 40% Saponins : Aphrodisiac, Helps Improves Strength, Stamina,

Immunity and Muscle Mass

300mg Safed Musli 40% Saponins : Aphrodisiac, Helps Improves Muscle Mass & Vitality

300mg Fenugreek Extract 50% Saponins : Helps Improve Appetite & Reduces Malabsorption

30mg Lauh Bhasm : Strength, stamina & immunity promoter, Aphrodisiacs & Reduces Weakness

15mg Peepali : Improves appetite & longevity, increases vitality

150mg Vidarikand : Improves Strength & Stamina, Aphrodisiac, Immunity & intelligence promoter

51mg Jatiphala : Increases appetite, Reduces Dryness & Wasting

30mg Yashad Bhasm : Reduces Fatigue, Strength, Stamina & Immunity Promoter.

75mg Salampanja Herb Powder : Immunity Booster and Reduces Stress


Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 cm

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